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All blinds for Clement roof lights come complete with black powder coated rails,side channels and specially designed adapter plates for repositioning the winding handles lower to accommodate for the blind. These blinds are for the new style of steel windows and do not fit the older cast iron windows.

The side channels allow for the fabric to slide up and down neatly and help prevent the fabric from dropping away from the window. To view the fabric range available please see Fabrics page


Whilst every effort is made to reduce the amount of light coming through the blackout blinds, due to the inherent nature of the windows and some of the blind components used we can not eliminate all of it, there will still be some light seepage around the handle and you will also get a halo of light around the whole blind.

Please also note that to fit these blinds onto the windows the handle must be repositioned lower down on the window frame, this will cause the handle to stick further into the room and will reduce head height clearance. A shorter winding handle at 150mm is available direct from Clement Windows on request, you can contact them on 01428 643393

Warning - The blinds should not be pulled down completely with the window open as this will cause suction on the blind and may pull it out of the side channels and damage the fabric. Always leave a gap through which the air can escape past the blind.

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