Blinds by Elegance - Custom made blinds for Clement Windows
Perfect fit blinds are a simple no screw fit system of rollers, venetians and pleated blinds.
All blinds come with a frame and easy fit brackets that allow you to fit the blind to the window with no need for drilling holes or screws.
These blinds can be fitted to any plastic window with a rubber gasket and a bead depth of between 18mm and 24mm.
To check your bead depth use a straight edge lay this flat against the window or door frame overhanging the glass area, then measure from the glass to the front edge of the straight edge.
Next simply decide on the type of blind you require, measure the actual glass sizes top, middle and bottom and three measurements left, middle and right, use the smallest of these sizes and email us for a quote.The blinds are ideal for tilt and turn windows or windows where you do not want any cords hanging down that children can get caught up in.
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