Blinds by Elegance - Custom made blinds for Clement Windows
New colours coming soon!
choose from 14 blackout colours and 8 translucent giving you more freedom and style
As the colour on screen will vary on all computers please feel free to order up to 5 free samples of the colours you are thinking of to ensure they meet your expectations.
Please note that once we have sent your samples we do not keep or pass on your details so will not contact you again.
Blackout BarleyBlackout Black

Sample order form
Hive cellular fabric
Blackout Barley
Blackout Black
Blackout Blush
Blackout Burnt Orange
Blackout Cream
Blackout Denim
Blackout Espresso
Blackout Fudge
Blackout Green
Blackout Hessian
Blackout Iron
Blackout Muted Gold
Blackout Teal
Blackout White
Translucent Barley
Translucent Black
Translucent Cream
Translucent Espresso
Translucent Fudge
Translucent Hessian
Translucent Iron
Translucent White
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